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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  January 8, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EST

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thank you? rose: and list all of the thing. "weapons of self-destruction" hbo on sunday, december 6. ol >> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.
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and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is world news today from the bbc. the boomber on the airplane is in -- on trial. umar farouk abdulmutallab is facing charges as obama tries to battle terrorism.
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the corruption problems will not go away, and the battle over money. the leader of the ceh the presi. and banking on cassocks than -- cause extend -- khazakstan. ♪ let's rock ♪ > >> and 75 years since the birth of elvis presley. >> it is the middle of the day in london, and 7:00 in detroit. that is when the man who tried to bring down a passenger airplane is gng to be in court. umar farouk abdulmutallab is facing 18 charges after trying to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear.
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his actions are having repercussions in washington. obama is telling intelligence agencies to recognize serious terrorist threats. >> this is the man charged with attempting to blow up the flight. he is 23 years old and facing a life behind bars. he was arrested on this airplane after allegedly trying to bw it up. explosives were sewn into his clothing. at the airports across the u.s. and the world, security has been made tighter. more sophisticated body scanners should be put -- will be put in place and americans are calling for a review of the airport security. >> we must accelerate advanced imaging so we can detect explosives like the one that was used on christmas day. we have 40 machines throughout
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the united states and in 2010 we will deploy 300 more of them. we may deploy more than that. >> enhanced security is one part of the answer but changes will have to be made with how the u.s. handles their intelligence. >> americans have grown used to the idea that the battle against al qaeda and the associates are taking place overseas. but what happened in this aiort was a reminder that as far as the enemy is concerned, america is also the frontline. this has raised difficult questions about how to battle this threat. >> the security agencies have now completed a review into what went wrong. > at this stage in the process it appears that this was not the fault of a single individual or organization, but a systemic
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failure across the different organizations and agencies. >> he was on the watch list and even his father had warned the officials that the sun was becoming more radical. today he will be driven through this note to this court room. some of those who were on the flight will also be there, to look at the man accused of trying to bring down their airplane. >> joining me is our security correspondent. there may be too much intelligence to go through? >> that is exactly right and this is what he said was the problem. they had trouble connecting all of this. with all of the vast resources that they have, and all the organizations that they have gone through, there is there -- there is still a failure of having the lines of
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responsibility to say -- we have the information from the other sources to make certain that this is put through the right data base. part of the problem is simply that there is too much information going through the system. the names are too broadly dispersed and i think what obama was talking about is the accountability to make certain that the particular items are followed up. >> and the terrorists are good at adapting. >> we have seen this with the development of this explosive device, using explosives in his underwear, but also the way of using different kinds of people to get through security. do you profile people? the kinds of people who are involved have changed enormously. and the background in the countries that they came from. this was nigeria.
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this is a constantly moving picture and this is the realization for obama. he will have to keep adopting. >> the lack of the defensive -- definitive answer is also a problem. >> this is a political problem. watching the body language, he was angry that this almost happened. but also, a feeling of realization that the fight against terrorism, this will be the defining issue for his presidency just as it was for george w. bush. he was wanting to focus on the domestic agenda, but because of this, it has been pushed up the agenda and republicans are trying to make political capital out of this. he will have to use a lot of energy on keeping -- to adapting to the threat that is out there.
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>> and this is the same old story. we are expecting the appearance in seven hours. we will bring that to you here, and you can follow the latest on the web site. let's look at the rest of the major stories. one of the opposition leaders says that his car has been shot at. he was going to attend a religious ceremony. the shooting happened after he left his house, when he was surrounded by a group of people throwing stones. a member of the government of sri lanka does not agree with the video of the execution of tamil tiger rebels. ended and experts believe that this is genuine. a bomb has exploded in northern
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ireland, injuring a police officer. this was in a predominately roman catholic town, the latest in a series of bombings targeting police officers >> the figures are staggering, lifting -- police officers. >> the figures are staggering after the firing of 11,000, an increase from the year before. china is rated among the highest in china. as the chinese economy grows -- >> the higher the yugo -- there is a 19% increase on the previous year, with the official found guilty and this is about
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$150,000 that was embezzled. the reason that these figures are increasing is because of better supervision. they know that correction here -- corruption is a huge problem. as you mentioned, for the third year in a row, this was listed as the most significant issue that could damage them overseas. that is way above bad products and exports. corruption is the number one thing that concerns chinese people. >> and this is the very worst example. >> of the very worst example. we have seen the state-owned enterprises, around $30 million. this was the leader of sinopec.
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it is the lifestyle for the police chief, they seem to enjoy this. the real contradiction here is that the communist party supervises itself and there is no supervision. they have a real challengen dealing with this issue of corruption. >> there is some good news for china? >> they have surpassed germany as the leading exporter. germany was at the top of the tree but they have been taken off of this. the figures that we gather to from last year -- in that year you had chinese exports and against germany, germany exported 1.05 trillion dollars
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worth of goods. this shows you how week that the market is in terms of the impact. and also, china and the feeling of growth and appetite. this is an economy that is wanting to see an improved infrastructure. this is great, the likes of germany, that has actually seen them. if you look at the bigger picture,, including the united states. >> they are providing raw materials. they have been held up by china. >> you have to look at the united states. you have to expect this with the payroll. america and china have the issues with tariffs on commodities, and concerns about the chinese economy.
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>> we will have more in about 25 minutes. the global economic crisis may lead to a political storm. the finance minister of argentina is stepping down, but he is going to fight the decree from cristina fernandez de kirchner firing him. he is accused of using foreign currency to pay back the debt. he will mount a legal challenge against the water. >> the chief of the central bank said that he would stay, refusing to execute a decree to use the foreign reserves to pay the debt that was maturing this year. a handful of central bank employees protested in his favor and opposition leaders were supporting martin redrado. >> i will work with my team of professionals to guarantee a stable currency, predictable
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exchange rates, and other essential elements to ensuring growth and peace of mind for the people of argentina. >> this has become an institutional crisis over who should control the foign exchange reserves. the government of the president has fallen with the global crisis but the obligation payments are very high. the mark of desperation that the government's is going to deal with central bank independence as they tried to reassure the foreign investors. >> that is the world news. coming up. >> how can this warehouse full of uranium help solve the global nuclear crisis? toind out, join me in eastern has expand on bbc world news.
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-- khazakstan on bbc world this. >> they are celebrating the new year in madrid before going back to business. they have taken over the leadership of the european union. the leaders have competition for the limelight. he is the holder of the permanent residency of europe, and with the new foreign-policy, there may be competing agendas and confusion. the spanish government says that they will take a back seat. >> we are only there to support them, and to work together with them and be complementary to what has been a new decision of the union, to have a more integrated and unified personality with the
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representation of the european union. >> putting the institutional reforms and to practice will be a major issue and there are other practical matters to address. none of the more important than lifting europe out of the worst recession in decades. >> the economy is still deep in crisis. they have seen record numbers of people claiming unemployment, as this goes over 19%. that is twice the average of europe. and there are concerns about their ability to offer econom guidance. but they plan to lead the way on the floor rights for women. the influence will be limited by the new, long-term presidency of the european union that is operating decide this.
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-- decide this -- the side -- beside this. >> the main stories, the man accused of the christmas day bombing plot will appear in court. and for the first time, the value of the chinese exports is surpassing germany, even as corruption reaches a record high. an explosion in pakistan with at least eight people killed in the economic capital. this was at a building suspected of being an arms dump. >> the explosion destroyed a house in a poor neighborhood and the police were at the scene. they began to recover bodies from the rubble. two people were injured or rested and taken into custody. the police found many different
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weapons, including a suicide vest and a grenade. supporting the claim that this was a bomb-making factory. >> the interior medicine -- minister said that the occupants were from the swap valley, where there has been a campaign against the insurgents. the police say that the explosion must have been let off accidentally. the local mayor said that the dead men were suicide bombers, connected to the taliban. and is thought that the financial capital and largest city of pakistan is being used by the militants. this has largely escaped the wave of attackers that have had the other cities, but at the end of last month, 43 people were killed when a suicide bomber
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attacked a religious procession. >> the question of how to deal with the nuclear ambitions of iran continues to be debated. and now they are talking about the international field blank to safeguard enriched uranium in the 60 countries who want to have a nuclear power program. they would be able to take what they need it but not enough to construct bombs. there is an area that has already been earmarked to store this. >> a frozen corner of the central asian mountains that may end the threat of rogue nuclear weapons. this is in eastern cassocks stand. the factories specialize -- eastern khazakstan. the factories specialize in -- but this may soon be under
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direct control of the united nations. these were the first cameras allowed inside. the united nations would be owning what was stored here. this can be called on by any government needing this for peaceful purposes -- regardless of their human rights recor >> right now, we have our own material in this area but if the proposal is successful this would have killed for the international field bank. >> we were taken further through and shown what was once secret nuclear equipment. a centrifuge, with a familiar term, when put together they can make weapons-grade uranium. the scenario is that dozens of countries may insist on making their own nuclear field, because
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they are afraid of political sanctions from the west. this is what they want to have guaranteed. >> this is said, the nuclear fuel palace for reactors all across the world, so small, but causing such a crisis. >> we have been trying to convince the people of the red that they should open their activities to the world. nd the creation of this international nuclear fuel by may be good for countries with uninterrupted need force -- with the need for uninterrupted -- but interrupted -- uninterrupted supplies of nuclear fuel. >> these are thousandsof miles away but could one day take deliveries from the international field bank.
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this may be a player tryingo -- this baby a place that ties into ending the nuclear nightmare. >> the accusations are raising the temperature. there are claims that parliamentary authorities were not informed of improper business deal by his wife. another member of parliament is said to have claimed thousands of dollars from property developers to help young man with which she was having an affair. >> peter robinson is the first minister of northern ireland. his wife is a member of the assembly. the no. island spotlight program investigated her business relationship with this man. two years ago, they had an affair. she was 59 and he was 19 years old. she obtained 50,000 pounds to
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help them set up a riverside cafe. he talked about how he got the money. >> this was written out to you? >> yes. >> what did you do with the money? >> i invested this in equipment, and was getting all the furniture sorted. >> she is legally obliged to declare any gifts or loans. but the program said that she failed to do this, and that is what her husband became aware of the money. he did not notify the authorities, either. mr. robinson has denied any wrongdoing. mrs. robinson has not responded to the allegations against her. she has been suffering mental health problems and was said to be too ill to make any comment.
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>> we have very athletic fran. >> the reason that we have these cutouts' is because -- we have some very athletic friends. >> the reason that we have this is because we have the african footballer of the year for 2009. you probably notice most of these players. michael -- he is the motor of the midfield. he seems to have an engine of a very fast car. he scores goals and can play defense, and last year he scored outside of the area for the goal of the year. and this is the ivory coast midfielder, who does all of the grunt work. when you have your midfield partners, they are in development but for the ivory coast he will put up tricks and
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also soared goals. this is the youngest of the five short-listed candidates. he was the second top scorer as they defeated nigeria for the african champions league. this is a three-time african footballer of the year. he has never been the winner of the bbc award. he had six goals for barcelona last season and they were the winner of every tournament that they entered. and there is nothing more to say about the stryker -- he is the captain and the inspiration for his country, and he also tries to play the role of a peacemaker. he has gone to parts of the ivory coast a has said, let's use this to bring everyone together. >> this has to be between -- >> almost certainly. i think he is one of the
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greatest players, and he is brilliant. these two men had 30 goals for barcelona, 1 during the same time and i think this sets him apart. at the moment, i would say that he is the best in the world. but this award is for 2009. >> they had a very fantastic season. but this is not about african football but global football. >> nigeria's complaining because they have dominated the bbc awards, and there is not a single player on the list, and many nigerian players -- they are talking about what they are used to. >> thank you very much. fans of elvis presley are celebrating what would have been his 75th birthday. there will be a giant birthday
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party in this small country town where he was born. this has attracted 10,000 people. there will be dozens of concerts' and a gospel church service. fans in the united states have gathered at his former home in graceland, for the birthday celebration that includes a dinner, and a private tour of the mansion. i love his music, fantastic. the top story, obama says he will try to avoid a repeat of the lapse in security that led tohe bombing attempt on christmas day. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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